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    10 X
    They call me Poofie because of my hair
    It has style and flair and it`s the coolest to wear

  • Over the trees and out of sight
    Owl`s take flight at mid night

    I like to hunt fish but only at night
    A real tricky task with only moon light.

  • The best part of being a unicorn
    Is giving wishes with my magical horn !

  • The best part of being a unicorn
    Is giving wishes with my magical horn !

  • The best part of being a unicorn
    Is giving wishes with my magical horn !

  • I won`t bark or chew your shoe
    I just want some hugs from you!

  • I live far north where the cold wind blows
    And day and night it often snows|
    And the oceans are all full of ice
    Swimming around is oh so nice !

  • -

  • I love to hop from place to place
    To put a smile upon your face
    In the orchard is where I rest
    The country life is surely best !

  • Take time each and every day
    Honor mom in a special way
    With love and kindness she`s taught you
    So show her that you love her| too !

  • Can you help me count my spots ?
    I know that there are lots and lots
    But when I try I just lose track
    `Cause I can`t see what`s on my back !

  • Hiding high up in a tree
    Hoping no one will find me
    Some peace and quiet I have found
    Ahhh| yes . . . I cannot hear a sound !

  • Ladylike and quite refined
    Gentle and so very kind
    Prim and proper to the end
    I`m sure to make you a dear friend !

  • There`s just so much to do and see
    Good thing I`ve got such energy
    C`mon with me and don`t delay
    We`ll have fun each and every day !

  • Hearts-A-Flutter| all around
    Make that tell-tale `thump| thump` sound
    And every time that you come near
    That`s the sound that you will hear !

  • Together we can make a treat
    A dash of spice and dab of sweet
    Now just add an artful swirl
    You see! It`s a gingerbread girl !

  • I wish I had a flying broom
    To complete my witch costume
    I think it would be really neat
    I`d use it to go trick-or-treat !

  • I think it would be really grand
    If I could join a cool jazz band
    We would surely draw a crowd
    To hear me play my trumpet loud !

  • Both on the cob or from a can
    I`ll eat it right out of the pan
    I love corn| what can I say
    To me it`s tastier than hay !

  • `YIP|` means I want to play with you
    When I say| `YAP|` I`m happy| too
    `ARF|` implies that this is fun
    And `BARK` is `Join in everyone` !

  • To raise awareness is my plight
    Hand in hand we`ll stand and fight
    Keep the faith| we will endure
    Rest assured| we`ll find a cure !

  • Playtime can be so much fun
    We`ll play all day and when we`re done
    I hope we`ve learned a thing or two
    `Cause learning is such fun for you !

  • Do you see shamrocks over there?
    Where I come from they`re everywhere
    I wear them proudly for all to see
    Because they bring good luck to me !

  • People try to take care of me
    Because I am so small| you see
    But I won`t always be a pup
    Boy| I can`t wait `til I grow up !

  • Please be quiet| don`t make a peep
    This little lamb is trying to sleep
    I need my rest just like you do
    When I wake up I`ll play with you !

  • Evernham Motorsports
    CHECKERED FLAG: Kahne won the Rookie of the Year Award in 2004 !
    HORSEPOWER: Kasey is active in charitable work and is a member of the President`s Council on Service and Civic Participation !

  • Roush Racing
    CHECKERED FLAG: Kenseth was the 2000 Winston Cup Rookie of the Year and the 2003 Winston Cup Champion !
    HORSEPOWER: Matt is a huge fan of the NFL Green Bay Packers !