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    11 X

  • My fangs are very sharp and real
    watch out or you`ll be my next meal

  • My shadow grows at night
    I am flying towards the light
    The great winds come and go
    I fly past the moon`s glow

  • I live behind a deli shop
    I eat hot dogs and drink soda pop !

  • I`m small and white and very sweet
    From my long pink tail to tiny feet
    And if you offer some tasty cheese
    I`ll quickly say I`d love some please !

  • I may be squat| I may be long
    But for my size I`m very strong !
    I love to prance and run around|
    I`m sure one feisty little hound !

  • I just want to jump and play
    But I will NEVER run away
    I love my house| it`s big and white
    And I can roam all day and night !

  • For all the things you teach and show
    Like how to laugh and love and grow
    I`ve learned so much from you| it`s true
    You have my thanks and my love| too !

  • A sweet friend is easy to find
    This little lamb is sweet and kind
    Ready to cuddle day or night
    Making everything oh-so right !

  • Swinging high up in the trees
    From vine to vine I move with ease
    Climb up and join me for awhile
    Hanging with you sure makes me smile !

  • I just cannot help but think
    That everyone believes I stink
    But I am here to proudly say
    I shower each and every day !

  • I will search high in the trees
    For someone that I can squeeze
    My Valentine will meet me there
    And we will make the perfect pair !

  • It`s time for giving and to share
    Laughter and cheer is in the air
    There`s no more festive pup around
    Than me; Howlidays the hound !

  • Some people say that I should diet
    I tell them all to just keep quiet
    I think my weight is just fine
    So why don`t we go out and dine ?!?

  • Swiper| no swiping !
    Oh| mannn !

  • To commemorate your special day
    There`s something that I`d like to say
    In the whole world there cannot be
    A mother that`s better for me !

  • On your mark| get set| then go
    I`ll chase you| hope you`re not slow
    So when you see me you should scat
    Even if you`re not a cat !

  • Together we can make a treat
    A dash of spice and dab of sweet
    With some icing that we can spread
    Look! It`s a boy of gingerbread !

  • When I start my movie career
    And I`m at my first big premier
    I`ll cross my legs; bend at the knee
    And gracefully do a curtsy !

  • Answering our nation`s call
    I`ll stand in line| so brave and tall
    I serve for life and liberty
    And the pride I have in my country !

  • Let`s run ! Let`s jump ! Let`s play around !
    Let`s howl ! Let`s bark ! Let`s dig the ground !
    Let`s fetch ! Let`s catch ! C`mon hurry !
    Can`t help I`ve got such ENERGY !

  • Jingle bells are gently tinkling
    And the stars are brightly blinking
    While on a holiday sleigh ride
    With friends or family by your side !

  • I wrote this special rhapsody
    With a sweet sounding melody
    Just for you I`ll sing this song
    And if you like| just hum along !

  • Smooth landings make for one happy bear
    I`m friendly and I`ve got cookies to share
    I fly with an airline that`s unique and so rare
    Its fans call it| `The best care in the air` !

  • It`s graduation day at last
    All grades are in; each test you`ve passed
    Your hard work has paid off| it`s true
    And so I`ll say `congrats` to you !

  • The other sheep will all attest
    This lamb is unlike all the rest
    Strong| determined| full of moxie
    That`s the one we all call Floxy !

  • Some dogs like sleeping in the sun
    But I don`t think that`s any fun
    I`d rather romp and bark out loudly
    C`mon people ! Let`s all get ROWDY !

  • It`s a glamorous life I lead
    Full of charm and fun| indeed
    I have a good time night and day
    I wouldn`t have it another way !

  • Around my neck or on my head
    Tied in a knot or bow instead
    My bandana is so cool you see
    It`s my favorite accessory !

  • My jungle party is sublime
    And you will have a swingin` time
    We`ll talk and laugh and have some fun
    Until we see the morning sun !

    When I swim| I go really fast
    But when I run| I`m usually last !

    When I swim| I go really fast
    But when I run| I`m usually last !

  • When I swim| I go really fast
    But when I run| I`m usually last !

  • I live behind a deli shop
    I eat hot dogs and drink soda pop !

  • NICKNAME: YB (Yokohama BayStars)

    Near the harbour| the wind is on our side.
    The shining stars are watching over the vitality players.
    What a cool team !

  • Washington State Flag Adopted 1923
    ACHIEVED STATEHOOD: November 11| 1889
    CAPITOL CITY: Olympia
    STATE FLOWER: Coast Rhododendron
    NICKNAME: Evergreen State
    FACT: Washington is the only state named after a U.S. President !

  • Minnesota State Flag Adopted 1957
    STATE MOTTO: `Etoile du Nord` (Star of the North)
    ACHIEVED STATEHOOD: May 11| 1858
    CAPITOL CITY: Saint Paul
    STATE FLOWER: Pink & White Lady`s-Slipper
    NICKNAME: North Star State
    FACT: Minnesota boasts over 90|000 miles of shoreline !