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  • 12 X
    I am really wild at heart
    And my cool dance moves| set me a part

    Peaches are my favorite snack
    I like to carry extra in my back pack

  • Winter is a chilly flight for me
    To warm up I hide in the trunk of a tree

  • I am happy all the time| if I have a tree to climb

  • I`m always hungry| I love to eat|
    Banana splits are my favorite treat !

  • My prickly fur is what you see
    My digging skills are also great !

  • My prickly fur is what you see
    My digging skills are also great !

  • My prickly fur is what you see
    My digging skills are also great !

  • I live far from an y city or town
    There`s only trees and plants around
    Bananas and mangos are what I eat
    Tropical fruit is such a treat !

  • I live among giant trees of green
    The most beautiful place I`ve ever seen
    My wildlife friends visit everyday
    To eat some honey or even play !

  • There`s no doubt I must confess
    Hershey`s chocolate is the best
    And when it passes through my lips
    It feels like I have just been kissed !

  • My favorite place to spend each day
    Is at the park to jump and play
    I love to run and leap and catch
    There`s no dog better at playing fetch !

  • From my house in a birch tree
    There`s oh-so much that you can see
    Let me just say| I love my view
    It helps me to find acorns| too !

  • Running| jumping| playing ball
    In the spring| winter or fall
    No matter what or where or when
    Let`s play a game| then play again !

  • While wandering so late at night
    I came upon a shocking sight
    A jolly man| right by our tree
    Who left some treats for you and me !

  • Swimming in the warm lagoon
    Underneath the summer moon
    My friends and I will zig and zag
    And play a game of water-tag !

  • I love my mom| but when I`m grown
    I`ll finally move out on my own
    I`ll shout out a joyful| `WHOOP`
    Because I`ve finally flown the coop !

  • Pretty puppy that I see
    Gazing lovingly at me
    With soft and silky fur of pink
    No dog`s more beautiful| I think !

  • 20 years of laughter and smiles
    From coast to coast| across the miles
    20 years of hugs and such fun
    C`mon . . . join in ! We`ve just begun !

  • 20 years of love and great joy
    For every adult and each girl and boy
    20 years of good times and fun
    And thanks to you we`re second to none !

  • I love to dance ballet with grace
    Wearing tulle and frilly lace
    I`ll spin and leap on tippy-toes
    Ballet is fun; I think it shows !

  • I got this very special treat
    It`s just for you `cause you`re so sweet
    It tells you how I feel for you
    I hope you feel the same way| too !

  • You could look but you won`t see
    A better trained dog than Doogie
    Any command and he`ll obey
    Especially if it`s `sit` or `stay` !

  • Whether she`s young| or young at heart
    Grandmothers play a special part
    Her loving smile`s a special treat
    A grandma`s love is very sweet !

  • Diamonds| rubies| sapphires| too
    All valuable to me and you
    But the most precious gem to me
    Is having friends| don`t you agree ?

  • Pennsylvania State Flag Adopted June 13| 1907
    STATE MOTTO: `Virtue| Liberty and Independence`
    ACHIEVED STATEHOOD: December 12| 1787
    CAPITOL CITY: Harrisburg
    STATE FLOWER: Mountain Laurel
    NICKNAME: Keystone State
    FACT: The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia| PA !

  • Hendrick Motorsports
    CHECKERED FLAG: Mears was the first ever full-time NASCAR driver to win the 24 Hours of Daytona in 2006 !
    HORSEPOWER: Casey began his racing career at age 4 riding BMX bicycles !