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  • Never cross a mean black cat
    They are scarier than a rat

  • I never growl| except at strangers
    Or to let you know | I think there?s danger

  • I`m not like the other bears
    I have an extra heart I wear

  • Leaves are always my favorite treat
    I even like them better than meat

    Meow is what I mostly say
    In the yard is where I play

  • My pink ears are pretty for sure
    They go so well with my white fur !

  • I`m the most colorful moose you`ll ever see
    My red and green horns are unique to me|
    And a matching scarf is the finishing touch
    To a festive look I love so much !

  • I buzz around from here to there|
    I also make honey that I sometimes share !

  • There`s no doubt| it tastes so royal
    That heavenly chocolate wrapped in foil
    And when it passes through my lips
    It feels like I have just been kissed !

  • Far up north where the cold wind blows
    And even snowmen wear warm clothes
    I need to wear my scarf to bed
    And bright green hat on my ice cold head !

  • I`ve got a treat that`s really sweet
    Candy corn just can`t be beat
    If you`re nice I`m sure to share
    `Cause I`m Treator| the friendly bear !

  • I`m one fine puppy| you`ll agree
    Can`t find a better pedigree
    With shiny coat and dark brown eyes
    There`s no doubt| I am your first prize !

  • This Valentine`s Day| won`t you be mine?
    You know I find you quite divine
    My heart skips a beat whenever you`re near
    Because I think you are so very dear !

  • The things in life as sweet as this
    Like puppy love or your first kiss
    Something as special as a dream
    That`s why we love Cookies and Creme !

  • My mom is always there for me
    I know that`s where she`ll always be
    Someone on whom you can depend
    Not just a mom| but a best friend !

  • Like an arrow from Cupid`s bow
    My love for you will surely grow
    And I know we shall never part
    And that`s the truth straight from the heart !

  • At night when ghosties lurk about
    And all the creepy ghouls are out
    Stick close to me; now don`t you stray
    Because I`ll scare `em all away !

  • Can I sit upon your lap?
    Not to sleep or take a nap
    I just like being close to you
    Isn`t that what puppies do ?!

  • When I go out to trick or treat
    I hope you`ll give me something sweet
    But if you give a healthy snack
    I still won`t let you take it back !

  • I`d like to sail the ocean blue
    With a special friend or two
    And then I`ll tour the seven seas
    The aquatic life is such a breeze !

  • If you are good both day and night
    Then you might see this little sprite
    Who will bring you good luck and cheer
    All throughout the coming year !

  • It is one of my greatest hopes
    That I will get to hit the slopes
    Shushing down the cold white snow
    I`ll ski so fast; it`s go| go| GO !

  • I simply love to prance around
    With grace I`ll glide across the ground
    And I believe the best dance yet
    Is one that`s called the minuet !

  • The curtain lifts and I begin
    I`ll leap and twirl| balance and spin
    And when the crowd all cheers out loud
    My family will be so proud !

  • Fairy tales and frilly lace
    Put a smile upon my face
    Ponies| jewels and ribbons| too
    These are things I love| don`t you ?

  • Black cats are nothing to fear
    Don`t worry if you see me near
    I don`t mean to cause you a fright
    There`s no such thing as bad luck . . . right ?

  • In the jungle above the ground
    That`s where I like to hang around
    There`s so much that I can see
    From high up in my favorite tree !

  • In my heart you`ll always be
    The only person meant for me
    I`ll shout it out and beat the drums
    So all will know you`re my Snookums !

  • Some say I have a regal air
    You might call it panache or flair
    I think that it`s just what makes me
    The happy cat I love to be !

  • You made it to this day at last
    With each and every test you passed
    Today`s the day you graduate
    So toss your hat and celebrate !

  • Blueberry is a tree top nut
    And when he falls| he hurts his butt !

  • Blueberry is a tree top nut
    And when he falls| he hurts his butt !

  • Blueberry is a tree top nut
    And when he falls| he hurts his butt !

  • I live in a groovy jungle hut
    Where I dance around and shake my butt !