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  • My ears are big with fluffy fur
    Hold me close and hear me purr

  • My eyes are brown| my ears are green
    If I hide in the trees I`ll never be seen.

  • I like to tell real spooky stories| but none of them will be real gory

  • I hide in the grass
    and lay close to the ground
    but with my green hair
    I can never be found

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  • Wild fur is what you see
    I have crazy stripes all over me !

  • Can you hear the voices cheer ?
    Every time that White is near
    Because he`s always on your side
    A joyful time we can provide !

  • When you`re with me I feel so glad
    You`re the best friend I`ve ever had
    My Sweet this gift`s for all you do
    And why ? No one`s sweeter than you !

  • Under the leafy canopy
    Of my very favorite tree
    I`ll sit down and have some snacks
    No better place to just relax !

  • A symbol for this land so free
    I proudly stand for all to see
    And since the U.S. first began
    I`m glad I`m an American !

  • I just cannot help but crow
    About this great land that I know
    Where everyone can all be free
    The U.S.A.`s the best to me !

  • If you should see that tell-tale fin
    Soon followed by a toothy grin
    Then black eyes and pointed snout
    Be careful ! There are sharks about !

  • If you should see that tell-tale fin
    Soon followed by a toothy grin
    Then black eyes and a pointed snout
    Be careful ! There are sharks about !

  • My Mom is just the best there is
    When it comes to caring she`s a wiz
    She`s number one| the best| the bomb
    And that`s is why I love you mom !

  • From vine to vine and tree to tree
    I`m searching for the one for me
    All through the jungle looking for
    The only one that I adore !

  • Dinner| dancing and romance
    A moonlit stroll| then a slow dance
    This night was made for you and me
    You`re in my arms where you should be !

  • I love things that are frou-frou
    Especially my pink tutu
    With pretty shoes upon my feet
    I`ll dance the Nutcracker Suite !

  • This gift was chosen just for you
    With love and care that`s pure and true
    And in my life you`ll always be
    Someone who means so much to me !

  • I love to comb and brush my hair
    With my looks I take great care
    With pretty bows and polish too
    I think I look great| don`t you ?

  • Please take me to a jewelry store
    `Cause I like jewels and gems galore
    I love how they sparkle and shine
    Don`t you think that they look divine ?

  • I`ll get down on bended knee
    To give this perfect rose to thee
    A symbol that my love is true
    And my heart belongs to you !