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  • You can’t miss me when I take flight
    Because my colors are bold and bright

  • You can’t miss me when I take flight
    Because my colors are bold and bright

  • You can’t miss me when I take flight
    Because my colors are bold and bright

  • I like to twist
    And flip and roll
    But never confuse me
    With a mole

  • You can?t catch me
    You can only stare
    At my frizzy wild hair

  • I`m a brown little monkey with fuzz on my head
    Give me lots of bananas and keep me well fed.

  • When the moon comes out at night| I fly all around but stay out of sight

    Give me a big hug |and you`ll soon see
    that I`m as lovable as can be

  • You`ll only see a blur as I race on by|
    No one can catch me| so don`t even try !

  • Collecting candy is my #1 skill
    I trick or treat until I get my fill
    Of chocolate candy and anything sweet
    Halloween night just can`t be beat !

  • You always seem so big and strong
    And you teach us what`s right and wrong
    You look at me with such pride| too
    Pops| you love me and I love you !

  • I venture out when night falls|
    Through the garden and over walls.
    I sneak around masked in black|
    Just looking for a little snack !

  • There are many different ways
    You can spice up your holidays
    And we think the best thing to do
    Is bring Gingerspice home with you !

  • Other snowgirls may be neat
    Because they`re made of snow and sleet
    But here`s one thing they haven`t got
    They all melt when it gets too hot !

  • You may see snowmen all around
    At times when snow is on the ground
    But here`s one thing that they are not
    Still hanging out when it gets hot !

  • Enigma is my name but where is my home
    Under the water| is that where I roam ?
    Do you believe in the myth of Loch Ness
    Do I exist| that`s anyone`s guess !

  • Over bonnie hill and dale
    I`ll run and romp and wag my tail
    Outdoors is where I long to be
    C`mon with me and we`ll run free !

  • It`s our pride to raise the flag
    It has become a symbol for everyone
    The flag is given the name for its bright colours
    Let`s share our love for it !

  • Do you want to visit to Korea ?
    Then| send me your wish list
    Let me light on Lotus lanterns on Buddha`s birthday to make your dream come true !

  • To me you`re unlike any other
    So here`s a kiss and then another
    Next I`ll give you a hug or two
    Just so you know that I love you !

  • Stringing popcorn for the tree
    Twinkling lights for all to see
    A pretty wreath upon the door
    I love my holiday decor !

  • Hoping not to make a creak
    As this cheddar| I bravely sneak
    A bite of cheese is what I long
    Now I ask you can that be wrong ?

  • I have a dream I must confess
    I wish that I was a princess
    I`d sit upon my royal throne
    While servants bring my royal bone !

  • Some cats like to come and go
    But that`s just not my style| you know
    I`d rather hang around the house
    Than go outside and catch a mouse !

  • Reading and arithmetic
    Fun when you get the hang of it
    Study hard and go to class
    And I know you`re sure to pass !

  • Roush Racing
    CHECKERED FLAG: In Edwards` rookie season| he had three wins| 13 top-five finishes| 15 top-10 finishes and finished the season eighth in the point standings !
    HORSEPOWER: Carl is known for celebrating his wins by doing a backflip off his car !