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    I really love my big black spot
    It looks just like a polka dot

    My stripes help me to hide from danger
    I run and hide when I see a stranger

  • I can be your fluffy cat
    Cause I`m so pretty just to look at

  • My little red hard keeps me snuggly and warm
    I can play all day long in a really bad storm

  • I`m cute and furry and we`ll never part
    If you just hold me close and warm my cold heart

  • Thanksgiving is the only day
    That makes me nervous I have to say !

  • With these spindly legs of mine
    A bird like me can really shine
    I`ll do my best just to impress
    And do the splits with such finesse !

  • Today must be my lucky day
    `Why is that ?` you might just say
    What makes it so special to me ?
    It`s that you brought me home| you see !

  • For 50 years of Racing Gold
    As millions watch the race unfold
    It`s the final lap and you`re ahead
    You win the Daytona 500 !

  • For those in need who have a poorly pet
    PDSA can supply a vet
    But our support is what they really need
    This charity that is a friend indeed !

  • Gems and diamonds are so nice
    They shine and glimmer just like ice
    What`s better than the jewels you wear ?
    It`s having friends so you can share !

  • Saddle me up so we can ride
    We`ll canter across the countryside
    Then we can head back to the corral
    Another great day with you| my pal !

  • One day while playing in the snow
    I took a little fall you know
    It was awkward| don`t you think ?
    I blushed so hard it turned me pink !

  • If it`s a special pet you seek
    I know a cat that`s quite unique
    With feline grace and such beauty
    Who is this cat ? Who else but me !

  • Good fortune will be yours for sure
    From this day forth `til evermore
    If by lucky chance you see
    A certain Irish bear . . . that`s me !

  • Bounder`s our new kangaroo
    She`d love to come and play with you
    Full of fun and fancy free
    An Aussie gift to you from me !

  • My dad is brave and very strong
    He helps to teach me right from wrong
    The thing that sets my dad apart
    Is the love for me that`s in his heart !

  • Good mornin` ! I`m Lucky O`Day
    I`m here to send fortune your way
    Just remember when the long day ends
    Fortune is yours| when you`ve got friends !

  • I just got some brand new toys
    And they make different kinds of noise
    The best thing `bout these toys I see
    Is that they all are just for me !

  • Some say I`m the king of the hounds
    Surpassing all by leaps and bounds
    Majestic stature; regal air
    The other dogs just can`t compare !

  • It has been a long held belief
    Our foremost symbol; the maple leaf
    In `65 we did decree
    It`s on our flag for all to see !

  • In a castle near the sea
    Up in the tower`s where I`ll be
    I`ll listen closely `til I hear
    My charming| handsome prince draw near !

  • With grace and style you won`t forget
    I`ll turn a perfect pirouette
    Then I`ll chasse across the floor
    The crowd will cheer and ask for more !

  • I can`t find my bone anywhere
    Did I bury it here or there?
    I think a map would help a lot
    Then I`d use X to mark the spot !

  • Hendrick Motorsports
    CHECKERED FLAG: In 2006| Johnson won the Daytona 500 and the Brickyard as well as the NASCAR Nextel Cup Championship !
    HORSEPOWER: Jimmie has 26 career victories to his credit !