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    I get excited when my friends visit me
    We talk and eat fruit| while we sip on our tea


  • I walk with style and grace
    At a very very slow pace

  • Lets go out and trick or treat. We`ll get some candy that we can eat

  • I live in Africa and eat mostly fruit
    And don?t wear clothes not even a suite.

  • You all will know how much I care
    because I`ll follow you everywhere

  • Will you come swim with me
    Deep down under the sea

  • Hello?I am Zoey| Africa is my home
    My zig zag stripes keep me safe as I roam.

  • Of all the things I do in spring
    Hopping round`s my favorite thing

  • I scavenge for food all thru the night
    But as soon as its daylight| I?ll be out of sight.

    I?m black and white with a shade of tan
    And I sprint faster than any man

  • Eating burritos is always nice
    They`re even better with a little spice !

  • Eating burritos is always nice
    They`re even better with a little spice !

  • Eating burritos is always nice
    They`re even better with a little spice !

  • I`m a sea turtle from the troubled Gulf Coast
    My wild friends and I need your help the most.

  • I`m a unicorn| you can see
    With a spiral horn and glittering fur
    My mane and tail are pink and bright
    I sparkle and shine with magical light !

  • A puppy`s love is really sweet
    It makes your heart just skip a beat
    A wagging tail and slobbery kiss
    Affection you won`t want to miss !

  • I`m proud to guard my family
    And I take my job seriously
    I don`t need treats or an award
    Their hugs and love is my reward !

  • I love playing in the snow
    No better place to be| you know
    But a close second might just be
    Snuggled up| just you and me !

  • I dig a hole so I can hide
    All my treasures right inside
    And then maybe when I am done
    I will dig holes just for fun !

  • My mum is always there for me
    I know that`s where she`ll always be
    Someone on whom you can depend
    Not just a mum| but a best friend !

  • Round and round the track we go
    Just gotta win the race you know
    I don`t mean to boast or brag
    But I will take the checkered flag !

  • With my teeth so sharp and white
    You might worry that I`ll bite
    And that`s just what I may do
    If you have French fries with you !

  • Wiggling my toes in the sand
    With a nice cool drink in hand
    Sun and sand and deep blue sea
    Better than living in a tree !

  • Father| you are the best to me
    An All-Star Dad| it`s plain to see
    If there were a place then I`d proclaim
    You`d be in the Dad Hall of Fame !

  • When I get older I will be
    The best sheepdog you`ll ever see
    We`ll play and laugh and jump and leap
    Until I have to herd some sheep !

  • I`ll slip a bit and then I`ll slide
    Across the ice; I love to glide
    Then I will do a figure eight
    Gosh| I simply love to skate !

  • I`ll write a story just for you
    But first there`s one thing I must do
    I`ll proofread it once or even twice
    To make sure everything`s precise !

  • Joe Gibbs Racing
    CHECKERED FLAG: Hamlin was the 2006 Rookie of the Year and became the first rookie to make the 10-race playoff| NASCAR`s Chase format !
    HORSEPOWER: Denny is a fan of the NFL`s Washington Redskins| who`shead coach is also his car owner| Joe Gibbs !