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  • I always roam where the snow and ice meet
    When I get hungry I just want to eat

  • Lift me up and give me a hug
    And you`ll make me a happy pug!

  • Lift me up and give me a hug
    And you`ll make me a happy pug!

  • Lift me up and give me a hug
    And you`ll make me a happy pug!

  • I`m a special frog in a lovely pink
    The prettiest frog in the world I think|
    And my favorite part of everyday
    Is giving you hugs I have to say !

  • My soft fabric body was sewn with care
    And my little hat adds some flare|
    I like to climb trees around the clock
    Even though I`m made from somebody`s sock !

  • I`m totally bananas over you
    It`s really| really| really true !

  • My button eyes are sewn with care
    And my zig-zag stripes add some flare|
    My fancy hat is the final touch
    To a special look I love so much !

  • My button eyes add a designer`s touch
    And my pink knit body is almost too much|
    I was born a sock monkey from the start
    But I`m also a diva with all my heart !

  • When I see you I wag my tail
    My love for you will never fail !

  • I`m totally bananas over you
    It`s really| really| really true !

  • My knit body I would never trade
    Because it has colors of every shade
    Just like the rainbow full of joy
    Sure to bring a smile to girl or boy !

  • I live in a groovy jungle hut
    Where I dance around and shake my butt !

  • Some people think I`m a little bit small
    But one day soon I`ll be strong and tall !

  • Don`t bother calling me on Thanksgiving Day
    I`ll be hiding somewhere far away !

  • Inside a ball so big and round
    I roll and run across the ground
    And when I want to take a rest
    A bed of wood chips is the best !

  • I live far away in a magical land
    With ancient trees and glittering sand
    My special horn protects and defends
    This special place and all my freinds

  • I can`t wait to eat| how `bout you ?
    Please pass the turkey . . . gravy| too
    And one more thing before we start
    Happy Thanksgiving with all my heart !

  • Carving pumpkins| getting treats
    Dressing up and eating sweets
    There`s so many fun things do
    Like spending Halloween with you !

  • What is that loud noise that I hear
    Something quite large is drawing near
    It`s coming close; what can it be ?
    Hey wait a sec . . . it`s only me !

  • Pixies| elves and fairy dust
    Of course| a princess is a must
    A gallant knight will soon appear
    My life`s a fairy tale here !

  • 1-2-3 and A-B-C
    Learning is such fun| you see
    You might find out it isn`t hard
    To get A`s on your report card !

  • Some people think I`m out of sight
    Because my colors are so bright
    I think I`m groovey as can be
    And so footloose and fancy free !

  • I`ll hop out of my big blue pond
    And fan myself with a palm frond
    Here you just can`t beat the weather
    So why not play a game together !

  • Because I work hard all day long
    To make sure all the goods are gone
    I`m so tired when the day is done
    But I still make some time for fun !

  • Swimming through the waves and surf
    The briny sea is my own turf
    On the horizon I think I see
    A brand new friend to swim with me !

  • Because I would like you to be
    Just as happy as you make me
    I bought you this pretty bouquet
    So it will brighten up your day !

  • First I`ll give a little wink
    Then I`ll flip my braid of pink
    Next I`ll simply spin and twirl
    I really love being a girl !

  • My size and shape a secret so old
    Generations of tales greatly told
    Any ripples or shadows you see
    Just think aloud that it could be me !

  • With a rose upon our chest
    We will surely beat the rest
    Let Jerusalem sing out loud
    We`ll win the game and make you proud !

  • There`s so much to be thankful for
    Our health and families and much more
    And as for me| I`d like to say
    We should all give thanks everyday !