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  • When the moon shines bright as day
    You can see unicorn`s along the way
    She lives her life in lands of dreams
    with sparkle trees and glitter streams

  • I have a cute and fluffy face
    Please take me home
    that`s the right place

  • I love the blowing Artic air
    And sleep on icebergs without a care
    Where snow falls everywhere I see
    The frozen north is the place for me !

  • You won`t have to ask me twice
    A sweet and tasty treat is nice
    I`d love to eat my favorite treat
    A Strawberry Twizzlers you can`t beat !

  • You won`t have to ask me twice
    A sweet and tasty treat is nice
    I`d love to eat a piece or two
    A Rainbow Twizzlers treat from you !

  • It`s time to love and time to give
    It`s time to share the lives we live
    Time to show we know the reason
    For now is the most joyful season !

  • Everyone across the land
    Work together| hand in hand
    Live well; love well; think things through
    And you`ll succeed in what you do !

  • You won`t need to wonder why
    The ground will shake when I walk by
    I`m not sure how I got so big
    I eat grass and fruit| sometimes a twig !

  • I really love the sweet perfume
    Of flowers when they are in bloom
    I think I`ll pick a few today
    So I can make a nice bouquet !

  • I`ll spread a bit of fairy dust
    Then wave a wand| now that`s a must
    And with a `POOF|` what do you see ?
    A brand new friend for you . . . that`s me !

  • At this festive time of year
    Take the time to spread good cheer
    Spend some time with those you love
    Send tidings to those you`re thinking of !

  • Chestnuts roasting; silent night
    Children beaming with delight
    Garland| wrappings| cards and bows
    It`s the holidays and it shows !

  • Dashing through the cold| white snow
    With my friends| away we go
    There`s nothing better| you`ll agree
    Than a sleigh ride with my friends and me !

  • Angoras| Calicos| Siamese
    Persians| Tabbies and Maltese
    And just what type of cat am I ?
    I couldn`t guess. Why don`t you try !

  • With sheep on the hills| a beautiful view
    Tales of red dragons| mythical or true
    Sounds of the choir carry far and wide
    I`d love to share it with you by my side !

  • Let me give you a little tip
    As Captain| I run a tight ship
    Sailing across the ocean blue
    So won`t you come and join my crew !

  • `Never give in|` a great man said
    So we`ll stand tall and look ahead
    And as the masters of our fate
    We`ll show what makes this country great !

  • -

  • It`s time for the parade to start
    So grab a mask and play your part
    We`ll dance around and have great fun
    Come on and join in everyone !

  • If you`re a good little girl or boy
    I`ll bring you lots of holiday joy
    But if you`re naughty instead of nice
    A lump of coal will have to suffice !

  • Eating Gum leaves| sleeping in trees
    Relaxing in the Aussie Breeze
    Watching as the branches sway
    That`s how I like to spend my day !