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    26 X
    Don?t you fret| don?t you fear
    I?m a cute honey bear
    I?ll be your friend and you?ll be mine
    We?ll have a friendship that is fine

  • Just because I`m big and tough
    That doesn`t mean that I am gruff
    So please don`t think that I`m a brute
    Just look at me?aren`t I too cute?!

  • My fur is grey just like a jet
    I`m just as quick you can surely bet
    I love to dash from here to there
    My life is fun and without care !

  • There`s nothing better then doggie toys
    When they make a squeaky noise
    It`s better then a doggie treat
    But both make my life complete !

  • You might question me when I say
    Sky traffic may have a delay
    When it backs up here`s what I do
    I`ll let out a loud HONK or two !

  • If you stare at my stripes too long
    You might start feeling something`s wrong
    So don`t get yourself in a tizzy
    Staring until you get dizzy !

  • I love candy and cashews
    And pretzels I would not refuse
    Chips and salsa can`t be beat
    What can I say| I love to eat !

  • I am so quiet when I sneak past
    Silent and stealthy; moving fast
    Tiptoe right up behind you
    Until I jump up and shout| `BOO` !

  • I`m crawling through the tall| tall grass
    Quietly stalking you| I pass
    When I catch you don`t have a fit
    I got you this time ! Tag . . . you`re it !

  • When I look for something to chew
    Watch out| `cause I might get your shoe
    A tasty treat that I can munch
    Your sneakers might make a good lunch !

  • I think I`ll munch on some bamboo
    Because that`s what we pandas do
    Then next maybe I`ll climb a tree
    Ah . . . this is the life for me !

  • Dear Grandpa when it`s you and me
    I`m just as happy as can be
    Those fun and silly things you do
    Are why| Dear Grandpa| I love you !

  • Flippers and fins and gills and tails
    Plant life and coral| dolphins and whales
    Such wondrous sights are deep in the sea
    C|mon and take a marine tour with me !

  • My mum is just the best there is
    When it comes to caring she`s a wiz
    She`s top; She`s better than the rest
    I love you mum| you are the best !

  • I`ll move left| then a quick move right
    Skating fast| like I`m in flight
    I`ll score once| or maybe twice
    `Cause I`m the best out on the ice !

  • You should take the time each year
    To spread some joy and peace and cheer
    So when you meet someone just say
    `I wish you a HAPPY HOLIDAY` !

  • You should take the time each year
    To spread some joy and peace and cheer
    So tell your friends| both old and new
    `SEASONS GREETINGS from me to you` !

  • Girlie things like ribbons and bows
    You`ll find on all my favorite clothes
    It may not be so versatile
    But it is my favorite style !

  • Old Timer is here to say
    Rise and shine and greet the day
    Stop in for breakfast| you`ll agree
    That Cracker Barrel`s the place to be !

  • If you`re feeling sad or blue
    I know something you can do
    With just one little hug from me
    You`ll feel better instantly !

  • To me| `aloha` means `hello`
    It also means goodbye| you know
    So many fun things we can do
    Like swim and surf and hula| too !

  • Hanging right by the fireside
    No ordinary treat inside
    In your stocking what do you see ?
    A special little bear| that`s me !

  • New York State Flag Adopted 1901
    STATE MOTTO: `Excelsior` (Ever Upward)
    ACHIEVED STATEHOOD: July 26| 1788
    CAPITOL CITY: Albany
    NICKNAME: Empire State
    FACT: The 1st railroad in the U.S. ran from Albany to Schenectady| NY !