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  • At night| I like to fly the coast
    By day| I always sit on a post.

    I like to bark at every sound
    My big ears almost touch the ground

  • Sleek and stealthy| I`ll prowl
    Skulking across the jungle ground
    Then I`ll pounce just when I see
    Another friend to play with me !

  • Of all the jungles filled with vines
    Travelling about| you came to mine
    Because of all the things you said
    I can`t seem to get you outta my head !

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  • Different colors of fancy fur
    Keeps me warm and handsome for sure
    The different colors of special patches
    Look so nice and really matches !

  • A wagging dog so cute and sweet
    Is bringing you a special treat
    Many warm hugs meant just for you
    A more lovely pup you never knew !

  • I`m looking for a special treat
    Something tasty and very sweet
    A nice Thanksgiving pie or two
    Soon gobbled up by you know who !

  • Try to hit that yellow ball
    Across the court| just past them all
    Get through each round and then you`ll see
    The U.S. Open Champ is me !

  • I just love soaring way up high
    As if my wings could touch the sky
    Don`t worry| I`ll swoop down again
    Because I`ve spotted you| my friend !

  • I`m the most fearsome cat you`ll know
    I`ll growl and put on quite a show
    Claws so lethal you can be sure
    My gosh ! I need a pedicure !

  • If you should need a helping hand
    To comfort you| to understand
    I`ll always be right by your side
    Your personal| angelic guide !

  • Mothers| sisters| daughters| wives
    The special women in our lives
    Let`s all join hands and do what`s right
    For them| let`s try to win this fight !

  • Some penguins like to figure skate
    To spin or make a figure eight
    But if you would like my advice
    Hockey`s the thing when on the ice !

  • I live on a lily pad
    With my froggie mom and dad
    When I want to play with a friend
    `Ribbit` is the message I`ll send !

  • Dear Mom| I know you`re there for me
    Helping me be| all I can be
    Good times and bad| with grace and calm
    That`s why I love you my Dear Mom !

  • The ocean air so fresh and clean
    Some of the best sights to be seen
    With sun and sand and mountains| too
    The best wonders of nature you can view !

  • Get up and clap ! HIP| HIP| HORRAY !
    Wave your pompoms ! Shout with glee !
    Let`s cheer our team to VICTORY !

  • What will happen when you kiss me ?
    Am I a prince ? Just wait and see
    If your smooch will break the spell
    But I will never kiss and tell !

    Some say I`m a strange looking monkey
    My legs are short and my body is chunky !

  • Some say I`m a stange looking monkey
    My legs are short and my body is chunky !

    Some say I`m a strange-looking monkey
    My legs are short and my body is chunky !