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    My baby must stay close to home
    Until she is old enough to safely roam

    I`m a bandit
    I love to spy
    But don`t look at me
    Because I`m shy

  • Everyone thinks that I am so cute
    I prefer a dog treat instead of fruit

  • My hair is soft and pink
    I`m pretty don`t you think
    I have a little nose
    It`s bigger than my toes.

    I am royal
    they call me KING
    Out of the bushes I will spring

  • I haunt my house with delight
    My `Boo!` causes such a fright
    If you enter this place then beware
    Becasue I`ll surely give you a scare !

  • -

  • Ruff and tumble| yup that`s me
    `Cause wht you get is what you see
    We`ll run and play in mud and dirt
    But be careful we don`t get hurt !

  • I love to go and trick-or-treat
    And get some goodies I can eat
    So when I come knock on your door
    I hope there are some sweets in store !

  • Music| food and family fun
    Summerfest has just begun
    Come join in before its gone
    And surely you will Smile On !

  • I can reach high in the trees
    Up to the leafy canopies
    I`ll stretch out and I won`t stop
    Until I can touch the top !

  • I just cannot help but sigh
    Every time that you swing by
    One thing I know| and that is this
    Hanging around with you is bliss !

  • If you hear a noise in the night
    That causes you a sudden fright
    You might wonder just who said| `BOO!`
    It`s me| the Halloween owl| that`s who !

  • With pumpkins there`s lots you can do
    Make funny carvings: scary| too
    Then there are pumpkin seeds to eat
    But pumpkin pie`s my favorite treat !

  • As soon as I step on the court
    I`m grateful tennis is my sport
    Serve and volley; in bounds or out
    Best game in town| without a doubt !

  • In the kitchen| on the prowl
    Because I heard my tummy growl
    I`ll pounce just when I spy my prey
    A thick and juicy rare filet !

  • As soon as I step on the court
    I`m grateful tennis is my sport
    Serve and volley; in bounds or out
    Best game in town| without a doubt !

  • When you are under my command
    Here in this frozen| arctic land
    One simple rule| as I decree
    The first snow cone belongs to me !

  • A demure smile upon my face
    As I move with such style and grace
    An arabesque| pique| and then
    Glissade| sissone| and start again !

  • -

  • McWooly stays nice and warm through the winter thanks to his wool coat !

  • The sweetest fishy in the sea
    I guess that would be little me
    Your guardian angel; I`ll remain true
    And keep a very close eye on you !

  • I`ll scout around the yard a bit
    Until I find the perfect fit
    Just the right spot to tunnel through
    Where I can dig a hole or two !

  • I love to smell the pretty flowers
    When they bloom after spring showers
    Guess that`s how I got my name
    `Cause Fleur and flower are the same !

  • A little ball of fuzz| that`s me
    I`m very cute| don`t you agree ?
    Of all the chicks here in the coop
    I`m the sweetest of the group !

  • Birthdate: February 28| 2001
    Winning time: 2:04.06
    Owner: Roy and Patricia Chapman
    After overcoming a fractured skull Smarty Jones went on to win thePreakness Stakes by a record setting 11 1/2 lengths as well as the 2004Kentucky Derby !