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    30 X
    I roll in leaves and climb big trees
    Then eat pizza with lots of cheese

  • Woof is mostly what I say
    and at the park is where I play

  • I`m a fun ghost that`s easy to see
    My bright orange body is special to me|
    But I sometimes like to sneak up on you
    And scare you good by yelling `BOO` !

  • A more festive penguin you`ve never seen
    Wearing my fancy red hat with stripes of green
    And I always bring a special treat
    A candy cane for new friends I meet !

  • My flying skills are really kinda sad
    I need to practice flapping a tad !

  • I love to hide out in the snow
    I`m hard to see when I lie down low
    My pure white fur is hard to see
    When playing hide and seek with me !

  • I like to prance out in the snow
    All dressed up in a shiny bow
    I dash across the ice so fast
    Just a streaking blur going past !

  • I`m big and strong but always nice
    I`ll help my friends at any price
    When there`s trouble| I`ll always be there
    To prove my love and show I care !

  • When I want to climb up trees
    My special feet make this a breeze
    I have a body that`s long and lean
    And my favorite color is surely green !

  • There is one joke I always hear
    I hope to make this one thing clear
    I crossed the road so I could meet
    Someone like you that`s super sweet !

  • Let`s gallop `round and have some fun
    You know how much I like to run
    Then at dusk we`ll walk along
    And sing our favorite cowboy song !

  • With a nose as big as mine
    You`d be surprised at what I find
    I`ll sniff out food and flowers| too
    I`ll even sniff out friends like you !

  • As I sail through the ocean blue
    I`ll run across a friend or two
    They`ll wave fins to say hi to me
    Proving the sea`s the place to be !

  • As if I`m on a pogo stick
    I jump and bounce; I move so quick
    I`ll ricochet on by so fast
    You`ll barely see me hopping past !

  • You won`t find me in a zoo
    I`ll never scratch or bark at you
    I`m better than a dog or cat
    A guinea pig is where it`s at !

  • When I sing all the birdies swoon
    They just love it when I croon
    So come on| you?re in for a treat
    Make sure you get a front-nest seat !

  • Hamish is a bonny beast
    Who thinks that heather makes a feast
    In the snow he loves to play
    Will you take him home today ?

  • You`re smart and you know that it`s cool
    To study hard and stay in school
    Just try your best and when the day`s done
    You`re sure to see that learning is fun !

  • I keep my sandals within reach
    For when I go down to the beach
    Sometimes I`ll bring a big ball| too
    To play sand volleyball with you !

  • Some people think I`m out of sight
    Because my colors are so bright
    I think I`m funky as can be
    One look at me and you`ll agree !

  • Basketball`s my favorite sport
    I love to dribble down the court
    The crowd will all let out a `WHOOP`
    Because I dunked it through the hoop !

  • A sparkle here| a twinkle there
    I like to shine most everywhere
    All the way from my hair bows
    Right down to my polished toes !

  • This holiday`s special| you see
    `Cause it`s the first for you and me
    No need for gifts| you know it`s true
    My gift is spending it with you !

  • I`m a nice brown bear| it`s true
    Won`t you take me home with you
    I`ll show I care| in a special way
    With big bear hugs most every day !

  • I don`t want to brag or boast
    As you can see| I`m not like most
    Ghosts are white| but that`s not me
    Orange just suits me perfectly !

    Through wind or sleet or rain or snow
    I`ll take you where you want to go !

  • Through wind or sleet or rain or snow
    I`ll take you where you want to go !

  • Richard Childress Racing Team
    CHECKERED FLAG: Bowyer made his Busch Series debut in 2004 and in 17 races recorded four top-fives and seven top-10s !
    HORSEPOWER: Clint began racing motocross at age five| collecting more than 200 wins over eight years !

  • Evernham Motorsports
    CHECKERED FLAG: In 2004| Sadler was one of only four drivers to stay in the top 10 in points the entire year !
    HORSEPOWER: Elliott started racing with go-carts| and racked up more than 200 go-kart victories since age 7 !

  • Birthdate: March 30| 1970
    Winning time: 1:59 2/5
    Owner: Penny Chenery

    Secretariat was the only horse to make the covers of Newsweek| Sports Illustrated| and Time magazines.