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  • I am black and white and pink
    And every now and then I stink

  • Just call my name and I`ll come in a wink
    Then you`ll see my white fur and my eyes that are pink

  • Around these parts I am the law
    I don`t rule with an iron paw
    Don`t worry while I`m on the force
    Unless you are a cat| of course !

  • There`s so much that I like to eat
    I have no single favorite treat
    A nibble of each thing is what I do
    Some carrots| cabbage| and parsley| too !

  • The stands erupt with cheers and cries
    Thoroughbred`s most prestigious prize
    Run for the Roses; win| place or show
    At the starting gate . . . and off they go !

  • SHAQ FACT: Shaquille earned his bachelor`s degree in 2000| and his master`s degree in 2005 -- both while being a full-time pro basketball player !
    Shaquille Says . . . `Get the best grades that you can. Knowledge is the best gift.`

    What can you do to open doors ?
    To help ensure your future soars ?
    Study hard while you`re in school
    And show the world that learning`s cool !

  • St. Pirans Flag upon my chest
    Cornwall really is the best
    So full of sunshine| sea| and fun
    There`s lots to do for everyone !

  • Divas come and divas go
    The best| like me| will always show
    The trends and tips to help you glow
    So you`ll be cute like me| you know !

  • As the king of jungle lore
    I`ll let out a mighty ROAR
    But now the best that I can do
    Sounds much more like a playful MEW !

  • Cookies| cakes| and any sweets
    These are my most favorite treats
    In my stocking| hope I see
    Some peppermint that`s just for me !

  • When the round sun shines the land in the morning
    It is the time to wake up
    Shine the country and
    Bless my homeland forever !

  • A horse as beautiful as me
    Enchanting everyone I see
    With charm that cannot be denied
    Can`t help but want me by your side !

  • Running up and down the court
    Poised for a layup; then stop short
    Release the ball| it`s good for three
    At the buzzer| we`ve won . . . Yipee !

  • Punts are kicked and passes thrown
    Trying to get to the end zone
    Move the ball; try to advance
    So I can do my touchdown dance !

  • Being a dog is great| you see
    It really is the life for me
    I get to eat and sleep and play
    I do it almost every day !

  • If by happenstance you see
    Something swim by peacefully
    What could it be? I`ll never say
    Because a secret it must stay !

  • Though I`m a girl who just loves pink
    Some people never stop to think
    That I like sports and big bugs| too
    I like all different things| don`t you ?

  • It`s late in the game when I come in
    To help the Angels get the win
    Believe in the power| when I appear
    2007 will be our year !

  • Massachusetts State Flag Adopted 1915
    STATE MOTTO: `By the Sword We Seek Peace| But Peace Only Under Liberty`
    ACHIEVED STATEHOOD: February 6| 1788
    CAPITOL CITY: Boston
    STATE FLOWER: Mayflower
    NICKNAME: Bay State
    FACT: Boston Common became the first public park in the U.S. in 1634 !